"Design is the successive application of constraints until only a unique product is left."

- Donald Norman


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Shades - The Demise of Blake Beck (Out July 15th 2016)

My debut novel is an Urban Fantasy vampire novel - with a style inspired by authors such as Neil Gaiman, Ann Rice and Dan Brown - officially launching on Friday 15th 2016 on Amazon Kindle.


For Blake Beck, it proves to be no ordinary day when he finds a razor blade in the morning mail. As Director of Black Ops within the CAC, Blake hardly expected the morning mail to include a letter from his boss telling him to kill himself.

The razor blade is intended to be Blake's ticket to Shades – the realm beyond life where all souls go to await their celestial paperwork. Following his instincts to save himself, Blake soon finds himself caught in the frontlines of the age-old war between Dæth, the ruler of Shades, and Mr. Ferre, the first undead.

As the uncovering of a mystical medieval manuscript threatens to turn the tide of the war, Blake has no choice but to embark on a fateful hunt to secure the manuscript’s hidden secrets, while his old nemesis Vincenzo looms in the shadows, out to claim the secrets first. Unfortunately, the resurfacing of Blake's one true love, as well as his own sense of right and wrong, threatens to put an end to his endeavors as Blake discovers that he is merely a pawn in the chess game of gods...


To check out or purchase the e-book, press HERE

For a FREE download of Chapter 1 (pdf), press HERE

StoryJam 15 (May 2015)

In may 2015 I was selected by the Danish Cultural Agency (under the Danish Ministry of Culture) to partake in a StoryJam to help investigate the future of digital litterature. 15 Game Designers, 15 Writers and 15 Illustrators holed up at "Schaeffergaarden" north of copenhagen for a very intense weekend, which produced a number of interesting and inspiring pitches and even prototypes of new concepts for digital storytelling.


If you want, you can check out the resulting presentations HERE.

Sneaky Elvis - Nordic Game Jam (2015)

At this years Nordic Game Jam - the worlds largest game jam - my team (with Ditte Deenfeldt, Rasmus Heeger & Patrick Jarlestam) created the rythm-based stealth-puzzle-platformer "Sneaky Elvis in The Amazing Jailhouse Escape". We had a great jam (my best ever) and ended up being awarded the Jury's Choice award for Best Audio Integration, as well as the 3rd place in the main competition - making it a personal hattrick as "Sneaky Elvis" is my third NGJ game in a row to win an award. And yes, I'm the one doing the mumbling Elvis impersonation for the in-game music :)


You can download the Jam build HERE - or If you're just curious, there were some youtube reviews, like this one HERE.


For a trip back in time, you can see the awesome Elvis Presley's music video for Jailhouse Rock from 1957 right HERE. © - Anders Rauff-Nielsen