"Design is the successive application of constraints until only a unique product is left."

- Donald Norman


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Cognitive - Psychology E-health App (Coming 2016)

"Cognitive" is a e-health application for smartphones and tablets to be used in conjunction with a cognitive therapy. The application is an easy-to-use cognitive schema (a widely used therapeutic tool in cognitive therapy), which is always at hand - just like your smartphone. The application has been designed with ease-af-use and simplicity as key design goals, so that there is no real learning curve, nor any unnecessary features.

The application requires no subscription, nor are there any in-app purchases and the app shares no information automatically. Instead, to share your records with your therapist, the application simply uses your existing e-mail account, so that you can send your notes to your therapist prior to your therapy session - thus making it possible for the therapist to consider your most resent notes as part of his or her preparation. © - Anders Rauff-Nielsen