Below you can review a series of selected client cases to get an idea of the services offered, project scopes and whether you believe that Widowgrove may help you succeed with your project and vision.

Funday Factory

A leading danish games studios, developing digital games - from instant games and mobile to PC premium titles.

I've worked with Funday Factory on several projects - assisting development teams with defining and delivering on their game vision, as well as parttaking in designing new concepts for future products and pitches.

Working with internal development teams, I strive to help them deliver on the project plan, while also aiming to empower and inspire the individual team member for the future through the work we do.


  • Concept development - Working in close collaboration with the internal teams to create and pitch new games

  • Worldbuilding - Assisting internal teams with IP creation and Worldbuilding

The Danish National Museum

An internationally renowned museum, looking to innovate and create the museum experience of tomorrow

Initially, I was tasked with designing and presenting a concept for an exhibit-wide gamified experience for the new money exhibition. Following the concept approval, I supervised the development of The Money Game through to the opening in 2022.

The Money Game ties together analog and digital elements in an exhibit-wide experience where guests can try to become a millionaire and unlock a real-life money shower - but it takes hard work in the life-size hamster wheel, as well as knowledge and time.


  • Concept development - Designing the concept for a gamified museum experience.

  • Idea-to-launch - Leading and supervising the development of "The Money Game"

  • Workshops - Working with internal teams to help define and deliver on experience visions.


A new Danish experience park, focussed on the broad aspects of nature and sustainable living.

In the final months before the grand opening in 2020, I assisted the park with optimizing and finalizing the design for 15 "Expeditions" available to the guests, when the park opened in 2020.

"Expeditions" create a novel, gamified experience hub, similar to RGP game quests. Guest undertake themed 3-step challenges around the park - called Expeditions - before unlocking and collecting a badge of completion at the end of each Expedition.


  • Gamification - Assisting the team in designing the "Expedition" format, that is key to helping guest understand and engage with the park.

  • Content creation - Designing and creating concrete experiences for the 15 first "Expeditions" available at the grand opening in 2020 


A new boardgame for the museum shop at The Danish National Museeum - a novel tie-in with the exhibition.

To accompany the new money exhibition "Ka-Ching!", the museum shop requested a board game for sale.

To help build a realisitic business case and prove the product, I developed and presented a playable prototype.

After a go-ahead from the team and commercial director, I finalized the game design, while working in close collaboration with their internal product development lead, to ensure the vision and design was maintained.


  • Concept development - Designing and developing a playable prototype - allowing the shop to realistically estimate the business case

  • Idea to-Launch - Assisting in the production of the game, in collaboration with the museums product development team.

West Wind Challenge

A real-life endurance race for electric cars - intended to showcase the sustainable future of transport.

During the development of the West Wind Challenge event, I helped design and refine the race concept for the Endurance Race.

The race was central to the event vision and had to be designed for being held on open roads.

The 2022 WWC Endurance race included 50 drivers in 25 cars racing for 6 hours - with live-streams from several celebrity cars to big screens on the main scene at the event.


  • Race Concept Design - Developing a concept for an open road endurance race for electric cars.

  • Race Course Design - Designing the course for the first West Wind Challenge test event, held in may 2022.

The Animation Workshop

An internationally renowned animation school in the heart of Jutland

Since 2017, I’ve regularly taught bachelor level classes in Worldbuilding.

The courses have ranged from 1 day workshops to multi-week courses - aiming to train future artists and graphic storytellers in cross-platform IP creation, worldbuilding, storytelling and narrative design.


  • Teaching Worldbuilding - Over the years, I've held worldbuilding courses and sparring sessions ranging from 1-day to multi-week courses.

  • Worldbuilding Jam - For several years I have co-planned and conducted an annual 3-day 'Worldbuilding Jam", attracting jammers from all over Europe.

Dania Games

The danish game collage in Grenå - aiming to foster the game designers and developers of tomorrow.

For several years I’ve regularly visited Dania Game Collage as a guest teacher - teaching Game Design, as well as Ideation and Concept Development.

Generally the workshops and courses have centered around instructing and conducting hands-on exercises to better facilitate learning.


  • Teaching Game Design - Over the years I've taught several Game Design bachelor-level seminars

  • Teaching Ideation & Concept Design - On several occasions I've conducted seminars and workshops with a strong focus on ideation and concept design.

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