Widowgrove is built upon a lifetime of passion for creating engaging, inspiring experiences. The last 15+ years I’ve worked professionally with Game Design, Play Design and Worldbuilding - building storyworlds, board games, digital games, robotic play experiences, and even gamified experiences for leading tourist attractions.

This is my Tri-force and I offer you the chance to tap into its power.


I work with both digital and analog game design. From board games to digital games across platforms. From core game play to monetization, motivational design and gamification.

I often assist companies and organizations in creating game ideas, developing their product vision and even pitching these concepts to stakeholders.

Once a project gets the “go ahead”, I often continue my engagement all the way through development.


There is a distinct difference between ‘game’ and ‘play’ experiences - with the latter being more free, creative and unhindered.

I work with play experience design, often merging digital games and physical play via gamification - like when designing hybrid experiences for tourist attractions.

An example is “The Money Game” created for The Danish National Museum, which merges analog and digital elements into an innovative and playful museum experience.


Worldbuilding is a formidable way of creating cross-platform IP foundations for new products, experiences and story universes.

By creating a story universe with its own internal logic, you create a tool for designers and developers to co-create consistent and credible products regardless of the platform.

This is a technique that structures storytelling across all platforms - from the games to the stories told in museum exhibitions


Below is some examples of the usual formats I work with - but don't hesitate to get in touch. If we agree there might be grounds for working together, we'll set up a 'Start Up Meeting' where we can tailor-make our collaboration.

You’ll access a broad experience base, network and a consultant that is used to working holistically with product development - from first idea all the way through to launch. This means that - no matter where you are in your process - I can help imagine, create, develop or deliver on your vision and create new, engaging experiences for your users.

Workshops & Teaching

I often conduct workshops with various organisations - from schools to game studios - with a strong focus on empowering the teams through knowledge sharing and a series of exercises to get hands-on experiences with the subject.

Engagements always begin with a “start up call” to align your team's needs with budget, ambitions and format - with workshops ranging from 1 day to multiple weeks.

Workshop Themes

  • Worldbuilding - Get an edge within IP development, cross-platform design & storytelling

  • Game & Play Design - Gain insights into designing analog, digital and hybrid game and play experiences.

  • Ideation & Concept Design - Build your ideation and concept design processes.

  • Gamification - Work with gamification to increase engagement and improve your product experience.

Concept Development

Clients often look for help developing new concepts for their product experiences - be it creating a new game concept to pitch, gamifying a company CMS to increase engagement or developing a whole new experience for a tourist attraction.

I start out with hands-on assistance in exploring the projects “big why”, before developing a concept and presenting stakeholders with a concrete bid for a new experience design.


  • Start Up Meeting - Align ambitions, timeline, budget and deliverables.

  • Analysis - Through material and/or workshops, we define the "big why" and I gain the insights needed to develop the concept.

  • Development - I design a concept for your platform, while having regular check-in's to align the direction.

  • Delivery- I present the concept to releveant stakeholders and deliver a design document for future reference.

Idea-to-Launch Consultancy

On some projects, I work with the team all the way from the initial concept to launch and beyond. Often I take on a part-time role of supervising consultant to help ensure that the vision remains intact, guide the team and help inform stakeholders.

Usually this collaboration comes after a successful Concept Development, where stakeholders wish to realize the vision pitched.


  • Sharing the vision - Aligning and further defining the vision with the development team.

  • Pre-prodution - Help ironing out unknowns and potential risks, while defining the project in higher details.

  • Production - Assisting the production team in realising the vision, while helping project managers communicate with stakeholders.

  • Launch - Help perfecting the experience with a joint focus on the user and the vision all the way.


"... a keen eye"

.... we have used Anders' great creative mind for world design & concept development - and his keen eye for creating detailed systems in game design.

Kristian Bang Nørgaard / CEO - Funday Factory

"... fun with games"

I believe that, especially young people, will get a sound impression of money and investments, while having fun with the games.

Review of 'The Money Game' / Berlinske

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I'll get back ASAP.


Often partnerships start out with me delivering a concept design and/or pitch with internal or external stakeholders.

Usually this phase starts with a collaborative concept workshop, before I start developning the concept with regular check-in's to align the direction of the project.


If we make plans to work together, we'll setup a 'start up meeting' to discuss 'the big why' and how to move forward.

Sometimes its a quick call, but for bigger projects it may require a bit more time. Depending on the project, the start up meetings can be on- or off-line.


Should the concept we've developed go into production, I often become a permanent part of the development team - checking in, assisting and supervising development.

This way I can help ensure that the product vision is maintained all the way through to launch.

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